Thursday, April 22, 2010

mexican wedding cookies

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April 2010 023
My Mom wanted me to make these cookies for a shower she is hosting tonight. My first thought was, "sick. no chocolate, no peanut butter, not chewy-not my type of cookie."
These buggers are dilectable. divine. and delish.
and the batter is better than any chocolatey-fudgey-cookie dough i've ever tried. And i've tried a lot.
Not only are these easy to make, you'll be speaking perfect spanish by the time you pull them out of the oven.
I used this recipe.
ay carumba!


Steve and Brittany said...

Thats alot of butter! haha but they look really yummy and sound good too! I hate knowing ingredients are bad when things taste so good :)

Casey said...

I'm making these cookies tonight! Thanks, Erin.


Erin Lee said...

I want to see your face when you laugh like that.
How did the cookies come out??!!