Tuesday, April 13, 2010

taxes are giving me nightmares


We had a fun weekend in Midway eating, partying, and cooing over babies. I even prepared my lesson for Sunday and brought cookies for all the girls, only to realize as I was handing them out that it was fast-Sunday. Apparently i'm the devil. One girl really let me know it too. Sunday and Monday I cried because, well, it was that time of month and I was doing taxes. Not a good combination. This lead me to have nightmares last night-but can I tell you how wonderful it is to have someone to burrow under when you are having nightmares??? My poor husband.

I feel like I apologize to my newby spouse at least 7 times a day. He is so nice, and I am, well, the devil. I am glad he doesn't regret marrying me when I break down in tears while doing taxes or throw a tantrum because he wants to buy a Volvo Cross Country Wagon. (but c'mon- since when did I marry a 50-year old woman who teaches yoga and keeps dogs caged in the back of her car??) He is always so good to me and tickles my back and tells me that everything is going to be ok. because lets be honest--when you are on your period doing taxes, it seems like nothing is ever going to be OK. Thank goodness I have him, because if I didn't, i'd probably be looking for comfort in a tub of red vines.


dave + kirst said...

Oh my dear! I have a solution - just let your hubby do the taxes ;) That's what I do... poor guy. He's all stressed out and I lovingly make (and by make I mean go grab) some dinner for him to eat to calm down.

Works. Like. A. Charm.

Chelsea said...

Your posts make me happy. You're a beautiful writer. Bring yourself and your cute husband to Charleston and visit me.

kerimaemiller said...

erin... i had the same thing... i was so mad with taxes i called the boy... he was trying to help... nothing or no one could.. haha!!