Thursday, April 8, 2010

pass the oat bran

I've never been a big breakfast person, but lately i've noticed how a good, healthy breakfast gives me the energy to start a new day.
This morning I had an affair with my breakfast. Soo good and down-right good for you!
April 2010 017
April 2010 014
Whole wheat toast, banana, Adam's natural peanut butter, and last but not least, that bucket-o-goodness on the far right is our family size jar of oat bran.
It's high fiber content is very beneficial and contains protein and vitamins-- Not to mention, it's great for your HeArT. So in other words--pass the oat bran!
April 2010 020
Sprinkle it on your chicken, oatmeal, lollipop, what-have-you for me, i'll stick with whole wheat toast.
April 2010 021


Lauren + Joey said...

Oh girl, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Sourdough toast is my weakness - and honey nut Cheerios with banana and raisins... After looking at your scrumptious photos, I may have to try some flax on these as well!

Troy boy said...

Might I recommend a Dave Patterson breakfast classic. Raw oats with fresh fruit (any fruit, though apples or blueberries are most preferred) and then cold milk poured on top. (If you feel like cheating a little you can add some brown sugar.) Eat it outside on your patio with the sun shining and you are bound for a good day.