Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Honeymoon 145
Honeymoon 077
Honeymoon 149
Honeymoon 159
Honeymoon 136
Honeymoon 107
I cried almost the entire flight to Mexico-I just thought of our wedding the night before and cried cried cried. It was so wonderful. The girl next to me on the plane kept handing me tissues. (I'm sorry I embarrassed you Adam)
I was fine once we landed, and so our honeymoon began...

I loved cuddling you and kissing your cute dimple every night. I loved swimming with the sea turtles with you. I love playing lifeguard with you at night in the pool. I loved when you posed like a body builder. I loved riding the scooter all over Isla de Mujeres with you. I loved that it poured rain all over us. I loved how after introducing yourself to every Mexican, they all asked if my name was "Eve". I love that you wouldn't let me buy the $6 dollar haribo gummy bears. I love that we yelled in the echo-dome in the Houston airport. I love that one day you decided from that day forward you would just call me "sexy". I love that you speak spanish, and I love that my favorite part of the whole honeymoon was cuddling with you and watching iron chef.
I loved our luna de miel and I love being your wifey.



caroline duke said...

that's just too sweet. and those photos are gorgeous. i wish our vacation photos turned out like that!

ana said...

Your pictures are great!!! I love Iron Chef a lot too!!
Mexico is a great place for honeymoons :)

kerimaemiller said...

why hello lady... you look amazing!! i am so happy for you two!! so cute!!

dave + kirst said...

erin you are way to cute. love the pictures. we went to mexico too! where did you go? we agree that it was the perfect place to honeymoon :D