Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my guys.

I wish our wedding day went in slow-motion.
I wish I would have payed more attention to our wedding ceremony instead of looking at Adam and giggling. I wish I ate 2 pieces of my wedding cake instead of 1. I wish I burried my head in the floral centerpieces, and I wish I went in the kitchen when the chef was preparing the meals and slapped his butt in approval.
Oh, and I wish I didn't safety pin the top half of my dress to my spanx so I could have peed.

I wish it didn't go by so fast.

Wedding Day0860
Wedding Day0832
The highlight of the night was watching these boys perform a little surprise for us. When I saw them all standing up there in their bow ties and suspenders in a dance formation-I got a little nervous.

But it made our night.
And yes, I will post a link to it as soon as I can.

Thank you boys. I love you all-even though I found out you opened all of our wedding gifts then re-wrapped them on the drive back to Utah...

xo, E


A-Train said...

I love them!

Zak & Emily Smith said...

Their singing was the cherry on top of the perfect wedding day for me!!

dave + kirst said...

That makes me laugh so hard that they unwrapped your gifts and then re-wrapped them! hA.

Brit and Drew said...

Where are you guys living now? Glad married life is going well so far.
Got your thank you note and just so you know I think staying in touch through blogs counts as keeping in touch :) And, my last name is really spelled Pusey, but I spell it Puzey all the time so don't even worry about it.