Friday, September 11, 2009

One Month Down....

San Diego

Things i've learned about my husband in the past month that I didn't know about the past year and a half:
1. I am a trophy wife in training. Not only does he have some greys sprouting from his temples-he also insisits on buying old man butter. The white kind in the tub with zero-none-zippo! cholesterol. This was kindof an issue-I registered for a cute butter dish! And lets not talk about the kink he has in his back as of yesterday...
I'm just waiting for him to throw ensure into our grocery cart.
2. He is also a little boy. He sings me a song every morning in a little kid voice and pouts and flales his arm when he doesn't get his way. regular butter = pout & arm flale.
3. Shoes. Wow, shoes. I mean, I knew he owned a lot of shoes-but this fetish is unbelievable. The other day there were 6 pairs lying next to our bed. 6!? Don't even get me started on the tupperware bins...
4. He is very clean. Despite the clothes and, ahem, shoes lying around the bedroom-he is always cleaning and tidying our little abode and helping with the laundry and dishes.
5. He's a real BOY. He takes 2 minutes to get ready every morning and always leaves the seat up-this has become quite a problem because apparently it's giving me nightmares.
6. He scratches my back practically in his sleep. Could there possibly be anything better?!
7. Now i've known this from the beginning, but he is always thinking of things to do--it's nice marrying someone who has more friends than I do acquaintances.
8. He is a dream-reader. But we already established that.
9. Adjusting to married life with him has been so extremely easy and fun-I couldn't ask for anything more! Well, maybe some cute couches-but that's it ;)


dave + kirst said...

Ha. Erin you make me laugh. Just wait though... there is even more stuff that you will find out about ;D Mostly good though.

Zak & Emily Smith said...

Happy One Month...that went by way to fast:(

Bailey Mikell said...

I know, if only I could make mine as beautiful as yours like HELLO teach me your ways, I want a cute blog. How come your so unique miss? Miss you tons.