Saturday, September 5, 2009

I dreamed a dream

I have long, detailed, VIVID dreams almost every single night, and I wake up every morning confused, racking my brain trying to figure out the significance of these strange dreams! I long to visit a wizard-like lady with a lot of cats, and sit in her home while listening to her interpret the meaning of my dreams, and maybe play with the ouija board-but isn't that against my religion?
SOOO, I have this reoccuring dream that I am in a huge bathroom (a different one each time) with 100 stalls, and I need to go to the bathroom-but every time I open the door to a stall, the toilet is disgusting and dirty and the seat is usually missing. This particular dream took a strange turn when I found myself stuck in a house with an old creepy man without legs chasing me like a gorilla trying to chop MY legs off. Interesting, I know.

Lucky for me, I married a dream-reader.

I wrote him an e-mail at work the other day asking him what he thinks all of this means, and without missing a beat, he responds with this:

Hey sweet cheeks,
My day is going good. How’s yours? The toilet dream is because I keep on leaving the seat up, the chopped off legs one is because we saw that woman cruising her dog in the park on her high powered rascal with her legs cut off. Hope this helps and also hope that you’re having a great day too.

Love ur guts,
Adam B.

PHEW! What would I do without him??? ....


ana said...

I love your new image on the blog :)

Fausett Family said...

I hate it more when you wake up from a GOOD dream and you just want to go back to sleep so bad to see how it ends.

Your dreams are very random. I love those kind where nothing makes sense.

Oh, by the way something funny. I say to my kids all the time "I Love your guts!" Maybe me and Adam have always been related.

Lauren & Joey said...

Cute post Erin!