Sunday, September 27, 2009

HaPpY 28th AdDy BoY
My whole life my Mom has thought my Dad's Birthday was December 23rd. It's actually December 22nd.
I promise I will never forget your Birthday, Husband. I love you.
xo, Sweets.

And no Mom, I don't think this is bad, I think it's hilarious.


dave + kirst said...

erin - i have totally have to think hard to remember that dave's b-day is june 16th, NOT june 19th. for some reason when we were dating it was set in my head as june 19th and and i've had a hard time remembering it ever since!

ana said...

hope you two have a great day!
my hubby will be 28 in 2 weeks :)

Scott Christopherson said...

Adam, I missed your birthday. Some friend I am. I've still got your back. We miss you nerds.