Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Midway is for Lovers.

Adam absolutely HATES having his picture taken--especially having to pose in pictures with me. (You can imagine how delightful our wedding day was). He tends to pull this 4 year-old "I-have-to-pee-I-don't-want-my-picture-taken!" face :
...but he apparently has no problem taking pictures with FROGS.


dave + kirst said...

were you guys in heber/midway this weekend??! we totally were too! did you know my parent's moved to heber? we spent the weekend out there and LOVED it. it's absolutely lovely.

Erin Lee said...

wuuuh??!!! serious? That's where my parents wanted to move too! Oh man, iloveitsomuch.

Lauren & Joey said...

Hehehe, ohmygosh, Joey is EXACTLY the same way - give him some animal statue, Disney character, or mascot and he's totally fine, but ME, forget it...so funny...they'll thank us later when we have cute pics to show grandkiddos.

Love ya! Lauren

ana said...

I love the frog!!! this are such fun photos :)

Brady said...

This is what was going through Adams head... "Oh look, I am wearing a shirt that matches the frog.. this would make a good picture" I promise you that is what he was thinking.